Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The new Lorrie

   I'm just about ready to publish and print my first book. It's called Wet Mittens. Soon to be on Amazon. It's taken me over 7 years to write and finish it. That mere fact embarrasses me, but will someone please throw me a party!?  I've been busy getting kids through college, then their marriages, untimely deaths of loved ones, traveling and now some grandchildren have arrived on the scene. So many excuses I offer but I've learned many lessons along the journey. However, this year I decided it was a new day for finishing those annoying goals that have been nagging me for way too long.. If you liked the old Lorrie then I promise you will love the new Lorrie 2014  version God is working on a whole lot more. I figured I'd better find a place to write about other stuff that rolls around in my head. Maybe it will make great copy for my next book. Be careful what you say to just never know if you will be quoted or used in a story I tell.
   Today I recalled to my eldest daughter Noelle an event that occurred years ago in our local drug store. It prompted me to start the blog and cross off my list another annoying goal I hadn't completed in my life (that goal to start a blog!). So here's the story:
   I was a busy mother of 3 and I stopped in the store for ONE greeting card. I hauled all the kids in with me and was trying to read cards and keep a motherly eye out for them at the same time. The task was easy but my 3 children made the task more difficult that day. Not having a good day with the kids. You get the picture? Another woman shopper was eyeing me when my middle daughter Whitney came up to me and tugged on my jacket. Whitney just looked up at me and said, "I love you Mommy".  The woman shopper nearly broke into tears as her eyes met mine. I smiled and told my daughter I loved her too. I needed that love reminder from my daughter at that moment. Maybe that woman shopper needed it too. I got a lot of mileage that day to continue my challenging 24/7 job as Mommy to my 3 children. It wasn't always easy but I will never forget that incident and how it impacted me to keep at that mothering thing.
   Okay. Check. Off the list. Blog started. Hope you enjoy my writings or ramblings!

lyaaf  (next blog meaning to be revealed!)



  1. I know what lyaaf means!! I remember the first time I got it from ya (in an "old fashioned" snail mail card!) I thot it meant "laugh" but wasn't sure why you'd spelled it that way! Well, I won't give it away! This is SO fun! Thanks for something uplifting to read! Lyaaf, Lisa

  2. Your writing and loving makes my heart dance whether with daisies or raindrops! So pleased to share another beautiful part of your world!

  3. Way to go Lorrie! I am proud of you.