Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun Friends

   I received a cardboard wrapped package yesterday in the mail. I couldn't recall what I ordered and opened the package quickly.The content inside took my breath away.  It took me a bit by surprise. I loudly blurted out, It's my book!!!!  The proof copy had just arrived for my final approval. I cannot begin to tell you all the emotions that flooded over me at that moment.  John kissed and hugged me and then I cried while I read aloud  the acknowledgement page to our 4 visiting friends standing nearby. Crying all over again. John whispered into my ear as he hugged me again, "Your dad would be very proud of you". Yes dad, I know you are smiling from heaven and proud as punch with me.  We took pictures of me staring at the proof copy with my silly big grin. Somebody pinch me! This is really happening. Any author reading this KNOWS how I feel right now! Relief. Accomplishment. Fear. Pride (the good kind). I was thankful to be standing there sharing my special moment with others. I was standing there with some "fun friends". We coined that word combo several years ago when we met some new friends who we quickly enjoyed friendship and fun times with. I starting referring to them as our "fun friends". (Thanks Richard and Trudi) xoxo  Vacations, trips in their RV, movie nights, wine tasting weekends, sea glass hunting, chasing our children to college together, prayers & tears, a Europe trip, the cabin and much much more has filled our lives. I am so very grateful  I have been blessed with so many "fun friends" who season my life. It was only appropriate that 2 sets of "fun friends", Ed & Michelle and Duane& Delene were there to share in my tearful, joy filled moment when the book arrived in the mail. Later after dinner we sat around the fire pit recalling our favorite moment of the action packed day. Delene's was finding a gorgeous piece of  light blue sea glass. Michelle savored the girls winning in bocce ball against the boys. Duane loved the hidden beach we took them to for lunch. Ed loved holding a sea animal in his hand called a chiton.  It was no surprise to anyone what my favorite moment was.  :)

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  1. Lorrie! I get to be the first to leave a comment – hooray! So excited to read your news! Let me know when I can buy a copy....This has surely been a labor of love – a SEVEN YEAR labor of love! Glad that real labor doesn't last that long!
    Caroline :-)