Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Angel baby

I've been busy knocking off a few "bucket list" items with my husband in Florida this past month. Be sure and read my previous blog about getting your bucket lists in order! 

   Merry Christmas to you from me. I do realize it can be a difficult time for many families and individuals during the holidays. You don't always have your holly jolly going on and it can be a challenging time in your life right now. My heart goes out to you. xoxo  I'm going to share a little experience from yesterday and I hope it encourages you to celebrate the season.
    Just yesterday I offered to babysit my granddaughter so that my daughter could finish her last class on line to renew her CPA license. I knew I'd have the sweet little baby girl all day so as I swept her away the last thing my daughter said was, "Call Carolyn (my neighbor) and have her come over to see the baby". Great idea! The two of us are good friends and love to chat over tea and catch up on our busy lives. The last time I really spent time with her was when we were in France in June and she was there  on extended holiday and we arranged to meet up to see her and have dinner in a quaint restaurant. Neighbors meeting up in Paris! How fun is that!? It was a memory I will always remember.  So I gave her a quick call and she said YES she'd love to come to our house and would be there as fast as she could!  In typical Carolyn fashion she came with Christmas cookies in hand ( but I told her NOT to bring anything as I have a boatload of treats to share!) and a gift bag which turned out to be a special little something for my sweet granddaughter.
We talked and served tea and ate treats while granddaughter Hayley delighted, entertained and snuggled with us. Carolyn admitted that she was having a hard time getting the proper attitude for Christmas and having a baby in her life today was just what the Dr ordered. Life and all it's "stuff" can just get in the way and you lose your focus. Your holly jolly goes kaput! We opened the little gift bag and it was a white little stuffed bear with angel wings! Hayley giggled and squealed when it came out of the bag. You could not have asked for a better response from a 1 year old! After several hours of chatting, snacking, changing a diaper, feeding the baby, more tea, and solving all the problems of the world Carolyn had to go home. Having a baby in her life yesterday helped her remember why we celebrate Christmas. Carolyns' words sum it all up neatly in an email she sent me:

"Oh thank you for brightening my day, and that little baby reminding, that Jesus is the reason  for the season."

 We were calling Hayley the Christmas Angel baby! My phone call came at just the right time to perk up a neighbor and friend. That baby in the manger came at just the right time too... Maybe today is a difficult one for you. Pick up the phone and see if I can come over with my Christmas Angel baby Hayley to put your spirits back into focus for Christmas!!! Better yet, let's let the Christ child in the manger do that for us.

Christmas blessings to you

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bucket Lists

   It's been several weeks since I last wrote a post. I'm really sorry for that.  I've been busy crossing items off our bucket lists!  Actually I was emotionally marrying off my adorable son to the love of his life in mid September(see earlier post We're Getting Married). My husband and I then took an 11 day trip to New Hampshire and Maine to see fall colors and visit family. We love to experience this part of the country.Rural and simple living. It's sooooooo different than California which has been my home for 32 years and even more different than my home state of Montana the 23 years before that! (Yes, I'm 55 if you just did the math...Happy Birthday to me September 2.)  To say that the fall colors at peak time in New England is stunning and amazing doesn't even begin to touch how beautiful it is. Put it on your bucket list to visit there in the fall. Do it next year and don't just wish you had. The God given time we have for a short 100 years or passes quietly and days turn into years and then suddenly my kids grew up and a blue eyed cutie pie child is calling me Nana! Whaaaat? When did THAT happen!? Free advice for today...start saving and plan for a fall colors visit to New Hampshire or Maine.
   I realized 11 years ago today that life was way too short. I lost my best friend Claudia to breast cancer. She was 44 years old.  She slipped away peacefully to the Lord and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her and miss her face. God took her young life and I had to accept that. I decided that day to begin turning a new leaf (see, I was in New Hampshire!) and start living differently. I'm not a procrastinator. I do finish projects that I start and I am crossing items off my bucket list now. Have you ever said out loud, "I've always wanted to do that." ?  Wellllll then my encouragement to you is to make plans to accomplish just that thing! Have you even made a so called bucket list!?
    Okay, so speaking of bucket lists...My husband always wanted to go see where they filmed On Golden Pond at Winnipesaukee and Squam Lakes in New Hampshire. If you are too young and haven't seen this fine film that had 7 academy nominations in 1979 then you must do so. We combined a fall colors trip and went to the famous lakes this fall. We even did a touristy boat tour and saw movie sights and the loons! This random act gave us such happy hearts and we saw a lovely part of the USA as well. Checked it off the bucket list and even added visiting a couple of lighthouses we'd wanted to see in Maine and NH. Bonus bucket list points! I've had some strange bucket list items but it doesn't matter how odd they are because they are YOURS. Want to go see Niagara Falls? Ride your bike across the Golden Gate Bridge? Eat at a greasy spoon restaurant in Los Gatos called The Happy Hound? Eat gluten free for a week? Visit Italy? Learn and then sing to your mom a song called Sweet Lorraine that you were named after? See the fall colors in New England? Write a book...?(Wet Mittens)   Those are just a few of my bucket list items I've completed in the past 10 years.
   I am giving you a nudge as I remember my friend Claudia today and all the FUN adventures we had together. One of my favorite adventures was a summer road trip to Montana to visit Yellowstone, the Tetons and my family in 1990. We bravely drove there with our 5 children under 8 years old...I aided in a bucket list dream for her and sweet memories for me of our wild trip across several states.Tearfully with great joy I will always remember that special trip we made together.

What are some of your "Bucket list" items?

In case you were diving is NOT on my bucket list.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"We're getting married!"

In less than a month my son Grant will be marrying the most amazing young woman-Taylor. We prayed for this day and for Taylor, even when she was a young girl and we didn't know her. We prayed for her family who was raising her too. This really is a match made in heaven, as they say. I remember telling my son a few years ago that he was a fool if he didn't marry her! So glad I have a smart intelligent son who has chosen well for marriage, even though his mother threatened him!  Just kidding...well kind of.
I remember the day we finally got to meet Taylor's parents for dinner in southern California before a college football game during parents weekend a few years ago. Grant told me that I would just love Taylor's mother and we would be fast friends. Sure... I would son...right? The dinner and conversation was easy, fun and full of laughter. As both children desired we all seemed to get along wonderfully! Later Taylor's mom Dee Dee told me how relieved she was to meet us and that we weren't weird or anything. Haha She also thanked me for raising such a wonderful young man who cherishes her daughter. Tears ran down her face as she looked me in the eye and said that. I'm still emotional when I think back to that day and our first "meet the parents" event. I think I became friends right then. We often joke as parents who is getting the better deal when they got engaged last fall. They are getting a son they love and appreciate in Grant (who loves golf too) and we get a delightful loving daughter with Taylor! A few weeks ago I attended a bridal shower for my future daughter in law and had some lovely quality time with her family. Dee Dee told me she doesn't mind sharing her daughter with us...What a gift for her to say that! She told me how much she loves me. I mean really who has in laws like this!? She kept saying all weekend that "we're getting married". I just cracked up laughing every time she said that. It's true though, our families are getting married. We are joining together what we all prayed for as young parents raising these 2 young-uns years ago. I prayed for a bride that would compliment my son and be strong where he is weak. I wanted her to be fun and pretty too! I wanted him to be crazy in love with her. I prayed she would love us too and be thrilled to be in our family. I prayed her parents were caring and loving God fearing people.  I'd say all my prayers are answered. My heart is full of such love as the special day approaches. My last child is getting married...and John and I will be kicking up our heels in celebration! Yep, "we're getting married"!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You Just Never Know

It's funny how things sometimes work out...

I have a new friend Bonnie who contacted me about help with her book she's writing. She overheard me telling someone about finally publishing my book "Wet Mittens"  and decided to contact me. (Yep, now that I'm an author I've apparently got skills!---- wellllll, some tiny small  itty bit of knowledge anyhow. haha) I'm so happy to encourage and help a fellow author find her way through this journey of writing and publishing. I found myself  TOTALLY "getting her" when she explained some thoughts and challenges she was facing. I realized that all the time, energy, sweat, tears, discouragement, joys, money & drama I experienced writing my own book was worth it all today as I conversed with my young friend. I've grown up a ton. I've matured in many ways.The refining process sharpened me as a person. I suddenly was quite thankful for the growth (and the completion of my book!) Listening to her it's evident she has so much together already. She's miles ahead and organized far more than I ever was! Her topic is going to be so helpful to many. The excerpt I read was just delightful and on point.She's going to nail it!  I see the same passion I have as a fledgling writer. I tingled with excitement a bit because I know what's ahead for her when she endures this process of writing, creating and reaches the finish line! She told me that she prayed for someone to come along side and help her. Bonnie told me I was an answer to her prayers...gulp. That is just sinking in a bit to me now this afternoon. That is not something I hear everyday. It has humbled me to the center of my soul. Never saw that coming when I agreed to meet. Just linking arms with another woman author and BAM- I'm the one encouraged!
Go Bonnie! Remember it's marathon, not a sprint race and your medal and prize is at the end.
 Yes, It's funny how things sometimes work out in your life...

Friday, June 20, 2014

I cried in Paris

   My husband John and I have been planning a 2 week trip to France for quite awhile.We visited Paris, Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions. I still can't believe we actually pulled it off and have returned safely to home sweet home this week! Now that the jet lag is wearing off and my head is clearing from a head cold I picked up, I thought i'd tell you a few things I learned, enjoyed and observed.
~Paris is much bigger than I realized it would be! 14 million...that is a lot of baguettes my friends.
~I don't know what your experience has been... but the French were very friendly and helpful.
~ The Queen of England came to town for D-Day and our tour guide was quite "miffed" that the only flags they had on the main boulevard was for England. We learned later her motorcade traveled that route so I'm sure they had American flags out for President Obama on his route too! The French are very grateful to the Americans for rescuing them. Normandy is hallowed ground.  They have streets in Paris there named after our presidents!
~We went to church at Notre Dame Cathedral. Didn't understand a word but loved it. Wow is that place jaw dropping.
~The French countryside is simply lovely. Half of the population of France lives there. I did not see one Target or Walmart.
~ The cheese in France is really good. Really good. REALLY good.
~Everyone drives little black cars
~We tasted a lot of different kinds of wine, but again came home to California and said the best is right here where we live. It's not bad wine, it's just different!
~The Louvre Museum will simply boggle your mind. We could of gotten lost in there for months.
~No matter what we did, we still looked like Americans. haha
~the French don't eat broccoli.
~The Chateaus in the countryside are stunning. The French revolution thankfully didn't destroy everything.
~My French history is better now than before I left!
~It is a wildly romantic city...

I was not prepared for how impressive the Eiffel Tower was going to be. It is a sight to behold. I must of taken 100 photos of it alone. Not caring for heights, I saved John loads of $$ by not desiring to take the lift up there.  Everyone told us to take a night cruise or evening dinner cruise on the Seine River to enjoy Paris "lit up". So our last night in Paris we did just that. Champagne to toast as we set sail for 2 hours of dining and viewing! Many others couples snuggled near us. I wondered what their "story" might be!? One couple was celebrating their 2nd anniversary and they were older than us! We chatted about how a few months from now our son Grant  and his new bride would be enjoying their honeymoon there. xoxox It was a special magical evening as we visually drank in the sights of this lovely place. I could not wipe the smile off my face. At the top of every hour in the evening, the Eiffel Tower sparkles for 5 minutes. We were so excited to view this from the river boat. We passed by this famous structure and it was lit up golden and full of beauty. Soon it began to sparkle...then the music from Whitney Houston... "I'll Always Love You" came on. John held me close and I rested my head on his shoulder. I began to cry. The moment was just too special for me. My soul was bursting with thankfulness to be sharing it with my sweetheart of 34 years. I don't think I can capture all the emotion in that moment in words for you.  Ah, Paris you captured a bit of our hearts!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Old friends

Remember this song?  "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold".

   I chatted on line with an old friend from high school today. It's just amazing to me that we have found each other after 35 + years of no contact and are enjoying picking up where we left off back then, today. He saw a post I made on a mutual friend's Facebook page several years ago and discovered I was still alive!  We are slowly reconnecting. So sweet to find an old friend isn't it? There is nothing like that feeling.
    He was a polite shy guy back then. He always made me laugh. He had a big huge smile I will never forget. He was so kind. I recall he was tall and skinny.(I'm glad he didn't say he remembered me as short and skinny!) He is now towering at 6'2 and served in our military. He is exactly the kind of guy you want protecting our nation. He had a strong faith in God then and it encouraged me during those turbulent high school years. I will never forget the day in high school when he told me he had a crush on me. I thought he was so brave to admit it and tell me! We were only meant to "just be friends" though, but I probably broke his heart. That part makes me sad.  As we chatted today, I told him he will always be my friend and brother. I never forgot him and often wondered where life took him. Life has taken him on many painful journeys I'm learning. Maybe now it's my turn to be the strong helpful friend he once was to me. My turn to pray for him and tell him how grateful I am to have him in my life again. My turn to be a silver and gold kind of friend.
   Pick up that phone and call an old friend today. It sure did my heart some good.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Closing out a chapter

   We've spent this past week celebrating 2 loved ones finishing college (Yeah Ashley and Sean!) and relaxing at a condo with John's elderly parents. It's been interesting watching various individuals reach the finish line and close out chapters of their lives. My nephew graduated with honors, is starting a new job, has an adorable new girlfriend and is embracing a bright future. He closed out a remarkable college career and is finishing this chapter with much joy and accomplishment. Ashley, (daughter of our best friends) finished her degree in 3 years! Talk about being proud as punch to hug and celebrate her short amazing journey! We were very proud and thrilled to be there to see them receive their diplomas. Sean's mother Robin and I shed a tear of pride too. Years ago I promised to be there when he graduated and I delivered! My dear friend Laurie just could not hold back the tears as I snapped pictures of their ecstatic family. Their arms were wrapped around Ashley with wide grins displayed.. I love graduations. Maybe I just love endings. So many hugs, kisses, smiles, tears and CAMERAS! Parents were just bursting forth in pride for their graduate. You know...I have a great quote I'm quite proud of I'm going to share with you ..."There are no sad parents at college graduation." It's sooooo true. I saw it on the faces of so many parents. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.You can quote me if you'd like... (insert smile icon here)
   John's parents bought a vacation condo in 1980 the year we were married. Now in their 80's.They have decided it's time for them to hang up their condo exchange vacations after 34 years of enjoyment. So we are helping them experience closing out that chapter of their lives this week. Lots of memories of great family gatherings were shared all week. Golf scores from condo adventures long ago had to be bragged about too! It was a different kind of celebration with less fanfare as we ushered out many joys we had as a family during condo week. Chapters closing for our loved ones. It's all a little bitter sweet as I realize this is our last time with them here. Our special times with them will one day run out like it did this week with the condo.  Ahhhhh maybe I don't like endings like I thought I did. I did enjoy all the memories, hugs, tears though! Be sure and cherish those you love every single day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Those funny things we say

   Today I told someone "Blessings on your head" for some kind comments she made about my book. I have been saying that for years. This kind reader said that someone she really liked said that a lot. This reader didn't know me, but I bet she reallllllly likes me now since I remind her of that special someone who says that unique phrase!  wink wink
   We have a large number of those funny little phrases in our family. We call them Bridges-isms. Before I was married we called them Marks-isms. "Californicated" is what my Montana brother Ken calls me. Cheap little gifts you pick up are called "gee-jaws" at my house. (That one comes from John's dad who grew up in North Carolina.) My husband calls underwear, "shorts". Shorts are called..."shorts".  I don't know how he keeps the names apart but that is clearly his very own Bridges-ism. (yes, it makes me a bit nutty but I love him and usually check his wardrobe of "shorts" before heading out the door...just in case!)  My older sister used to respond to "have a nice day", by saying, "I always do!". I liked that and still use it. People ask me how I'm doing and I usually answer with the comeback "Dandy!". It almost regularly gets a response and a smile. My family could easily weigh in with dozens of others that make the ism list!  Let me know some of your favorite little isms so I can put it in my arsenal when I head out the door each day.
   Life is certainly not dull at our house. My husband said being married to me is anything but dull. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Emerald green

   A few years ago my husband John and I were strolling through our favorite local antique mall and I paused at the jewelry counter. I spied a lovely older marquee cut emerald ring in the case. Just a lovely piece with extra emeralds surrounding the main stone. I had broken a similar one several years before and inquired about the ring with the clerk. It was about a month before my 50th birthday so John said why don't you try it on? I told him right then and there that if it fits... then we have to buy it! With a wink he said okay! Wellllllllllll you just know that the ring fit and I'm staring at it right now as I type! Happy birthday to me. So, today I put the ring on again and remembered that it is Earth Day. The "green" emeralds helped me make the connection! They never celebrated Earth Day when I was a kid. Growing up in Montana as a child, EVERYDAY was Earth Day! In my family we were taught not to litter and to pick up litter even if it isn't yours. My sister Cheryl wouldn't even let me spit my sunflower seed shells onto the trail when hiking cause others would see them later who passed by the same trail! She was teaching me to not leave a footprint of any kind!  We had a garden and mulched too. We recycled long before it was the chic and popular thing to do. Ask anyone who came to my house about how we slid the pop cans down the basement banister railing into a box for recycling!  We were "green" back then. Our local paper said the best modeling for children on Earth Day comes from their parents. Our oldest daughter called most plants broccoli bushes when she was little. I always tried to learn and teach them names of plants.  Middle child Whitney cared for the snails in our yard with deep passion. She loved those first radishes we harvested too. Son Grant spent the most time in the garden with me weeding and mowing. He loved the dirt.  I love that all my children have a garden of some size and plant vegetables! I must of passed good conservation thinking along without even knowing I was! As the old Crosby Stills Nash and Young song says...Teach your children well. Recently I started carrying a latex glove in my pocket when we walk our dog in the mornings so I can pick up trash along our gorgeous scenic coast. My husband teased me about it at first but now he's joined in. I believe he knows the latex glove is protecting that lovely emerald  ring he bought me. I'm the one winking at him now!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big day!

Big day for me. I feel kind of numb. I have wondered what this day would feel like. I have logged hours of writing, not writing, re-writing, and endless editing.  My book Wet Mittens was released today on Amazon. My husband hugged me as I choked back the tears when the proof copy arrived in the mail for final edits about 2 weeks ago. He whispered, "Your dad would be proud of you". As I talked to my father during his final week of life, I was so determined to do something remarkable and achieve a goal I didn't think possible. I will never forget his hand reaching for mine as I sat at his bedside and his blue eyes locked mine and said, "Write that book". That vote of confidence is what drove me to finish. Thanks Daddy. I have champagne chilling in the frig and I will toast to you and celebrate!

 You can find 2 links below for the paperback and the Kindle.
Being honest here...I think I've logged on to Amazon about a dozen times just staring at the page listing my book! I keep thinking it's just not real. It's just so cool. I'm putting "author" down on all my forms from now on where they ask you your occupation! Thanks for sharing my joy with me. I hope you enjoy the book.

Lorrie- author.   :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Just Swing the Bat!

   About 25 years ago we were first time parents entering the world of organized recreational sports in our community for our eldest daughter Noelle. My husband played baseball and I played softball so we naturally encouraged our daughter to play a sport we were enthusiastic about. Her first season after T-ball was with an all girl softball team in our small town. Like any team there were some players that out shined others in their athletic abilities, and some who lagged behind with lack luster. We parents collectively cheered and encouraged all the girls as they all overcame their fears and nerves at the plate or consistently hit the ball. Late into the season some of the girls on the team were still not getting the whole concept of swinging the bat to get on base and eventually score runs. One young girl named Melissa stood time after time in the batters' box with the bat on her shoulder frozen in time. Her parents were patiently encouraging her to try and just swing the bat! Exasperated one day from weeks of seeing her daughter just stand there, Melissa's mom took a crisp $5 bill from her wallet as her daughter strolled up to the plate...again. She walked up to the fence waving the money behind the umpire and yelled out to her daughter, "$5 for you if you just swing the bat!". Melissa was stunned by this bit of news from the stands. Again her mother repeated her desperate plea. With a shocked look on her face she asked her mom, " Really?!". "Yes, just swing the bat!", her mother replied. All of the parents were giggling and laughing and wondering how Melissa would respond. First pitch over the plate, she swung the bat and connected with the softball! She found herself on first base grinning from ear to ear as she met her mother's expectation. The stands full of parents were cheering wildly and laughing hysterically. I will never forget the next girl in the batting order coming up to bat and asking Melissa's mom if she could get $5 for swinging the bat too! Ahhhhh good times... I was recalling that memory to several friends this week as they wade through scary uncertain circumstances in their lives They find themselves frozen at the plate and not sure what to do. Maybe it's time to just "swing the bat", I tell them. What have you got to lose? Just try something new, break through the fears that have your feet in blocks of ice. Make one small step toward a goal and get yourself moving in a direction! God will redirect if He needs to. Maybe we just swing the bat.
   P.S. Melissa went on to be an all star player for our local high school/county in softball. All because one mom, with one $5 bill asked her to "swing the bat."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun Friends

   I received a cardboard wrapped package yesterday in the mail. I couldn't recall what I ordered and opened the package quickly.The content inside took my breath away.  It took me a bit by surprise. I loudly blurted out, It's my book!!!!  The proof copy had just arrived for my final approval. I cannot begin to tell you all the emotions that flooded over me at that moment.  John kissed and hugged me and then I cried while I read aloud  the acknowledgement page to our 4 visiting friends standing nearby. Crying all over again. John whispered into my ear as he hugged me again, "Your dad would be very proud of you". Yes dad, I know you are smiling from heaven and proud as punch with me.  We took pictures of me staring at the proof copy with my silly big grin. Somebody pinch me! This is really happening. Any author reading this KNOWS how I feel right now! Relief. Accomplishment. Fear. Pride (the good kind). I was thankful to be standing there sharing my special moment with others. I was standing there with some "fun friends". We coined that word combo several years ago when we met some new friends who we quickly enjoyed friendship and fun times with. I starting referring to them as our "fun friends". (Thanks Richard and Trudi) xoxo  Vacations, trips in their RV, movie nights, wine tasting weekends, sea glass hunting, chasing our children to college together, prayers & tears, a Europe trip, the cabin and much much more has filled our lives. I am so very grateful  I have been blessed with so many "fun friends" who season my life. It was only appropriate that 2 sets of "fun friends", Ed & Michelle and Duane& Delene were there to share in my tearful, joy filled moment when the book arrived in the mail. Later after dinner we sat around the fire pit recalling our favorite moment of the action packed day. Delene's was finding a gorgeous piece of  light blue sea glass. Michelle savored the girls winning in bocce ball against the boys. Duane loved the hidden beach we took them to for lunch. Ed loved holding a sea animal in his hand called a chiton.  It was no surprise to anyone what my favorite moment was.  :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'm letting you in on a little family secret between my husband and I.  He loves acronyms. His work helps him love them too, but he LOVES them. That is why I use them too. He even named a cove near our house the BC (Bridges Cove).Teachers have their own set to confuse us.The insurance business is famous for them-EOB (explanation of benefit). The military branches have their own code book as well.   I am the MIL(mother in law) John's work involves an EIR (environmental impact review) I am LEB ( Lorraine Estelle Bridges)  and the world of IM (instant message) brought out a raft of new ones too. BFF, LOL, ROFL and BTW... and the TV remote is AWAL! Us older kids can remember SWAK (sealed with a kiss) on the back envelope of our snail mail. BYOB-Bring your own bottle is another familiar old one. It's a language within our our language you are required to learn! 
   It all started when that heart tugging children's book came out titled "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch and we read it to our children numerous times. If you don't own it or need a great baby gift for someone then this is the book for you. We choked back tears each time we read it. Our parents cried when they read it to their grand kids too! I have proof of it with photos of a crying grandmother Ann reading it. I found out recently that Mr Munsch wrote the book after the tragic loss of his set of twins. It was because of love the book was written and it led to a new acronym for us. LYAAF- (Love you always and forever). I like to sign cards, notes and emails with it from time to time. Sometimes people ask me what it means and they are instantly wrapped up in a hug of love when I tell them. I learned to just take a little bit of time and energy to say I love you and show care to those around me. So for today...just know I really do LYAAF even if I don't see you often enough to tell you face to face. 


LEB  :)

Feel free to share some of your favorite acronyms with me!    

I've added an email subscribe button below so you can be notified by email when I post new thoughts.  xoxoxo 
thanks for reading

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The new Lorrie

   I'm just about ready to publish and print my first book. It's called Wet Mittens. Soon to be on Amazon. It's taken me over 7 years to write and finish it. That mere fact embarrasses me, but will someone please throw me a party!?  I've been busy getting kids through college, then their marriages, untimely deaths of loved ones, traveling and now some grandchildren have arrived on the scene. So many excuses I offer but I've learned many lessons along the journey. However, this year I decided it was a new day for finishing those annoying goals that have been nagging me for way too long.. If you liked the old Lorrie then I promise you will love the new Lorrie 2014  version God is working on a whole lot more. I figured I'd better find a place to write about other stuff that rolls around in my head. Maybe it will make great copy for my next book. Be careful what you say to just never know if you will be quoted or used in a story I tell.
   Today I recalled to my eldest daughter Noelle an event that occurred years ago in our local drug store. It prompted me to start the blog and cross off my list another annoying goal I hadn't completed in my life (that goal to start a blog!). So here's the story:
   I was a busy mother of 3 and I stopped in the store for ONE greeting card. I hauled all the kids in with me and was trying to read cards and keep a motherly eye out for them at the same time. The task was easy but my 3 children made the task more difficult that day. Not having a good day with the kids. You get the picture? Another woman shopper was eyeing me when my middle daughter Whitney came up to me and tugged on my jacket. Whitney just looked up at me and said, "I love you Mommy".  The woman shopper nearly broke into tears as her eyes met mine. I smiled and told my daughter I loved her too. I needed that love reminder from my daughter at that moment. Maybe that woman shopper needed it too. I got a lot of mileage that day to continue my challenging 24/7 job as Mommy to my 3 children. It wasn't always easy but I will never forget that incident and how it impacted me to keep at that mothering thing.
   Okay. Check. Off the list. Blog started. Hope you enjoy my writings or ramblings!

lyaaf  (next blog meaning to be revealed!)