Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Down Time"

One thing you don't have to worry about following my blog is that I'm writing a blog every other day and you can't keep up with me. Ha!
As you can see from the photo I'm experiencing some "down time". You would imagine that I now  have all these pent up writing thoughts ready to go and ME raring write them down...but I don't. Pain has a way of sidelining your brain and your creative thought processes. This my friends is my 3rd foot surgery. The 2 former ones were to repair torn plantar facia tissues in my feet. This latest adventure required a tricky surgery to un-attach my Achilles tendon and remove a very large bone spur from that area that was pushing through the tendon threatening to rupture and causing  a lot of  pain. A year of concealing, denying, limping and creatively trying the "handle" it failed.  Reattachment of the Achilles tendon will require months of recovery. So here I sit staring at my lovely cast and bandage asking myself once again what I am learning through this
experience. I had my "aha moment" yesterday as it was revealed to me. You see, during this time of reflection and quiet I've had time to think and pray for others and their life pains. God seems to surround me with so many wonderful loving family and friends that are going through struggles that pale to mine. You can surely look at my cast and hear the description of the surgery and cringe a bit because my source of pain is so visible to you.  The cast  physically reveals and shouts to you that I am in pain going through something difficult, but what about that friend whose heart is breaking from the ending of a relationship? You can't see her pain in the grocery store. That friend whose father just passed away...we don't really see her pain and suffering do we?  We just really don't know what people around us are facing and battling as we shuffle through our days.I realize that I'm surrounded by many humble caring individuals who have taken time this week in the midst of their chaos to love me while I'm in pain. It's quite overwhelming and brought me to tears yesterday. It's a reminder to just be nice to one another out there this week.! You might not be able to visibly see the pain of those you encounter.

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  1. Sorry you're off your feet for awhile. Let me know if you want company. Paula