Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why am I always surprised by love?

My mother Shirley had several strokes a few weeks ago. It's events like this that make it a challenge living so far away from all my family in Montana. You struggle with the timing and expense of getting on a plane and traveling or praying and waiting to see if I'm needed in a few's just plain hard to know and hard to live thousand miles away when your heart is there! Fortunately my good friend Denise just looked at me and said,"You should go tomorrow!" I knew that, but I suppose I needed that assurance from a friend to seal it for me. A little nudge of love from a girlfriend...surprised me. I guess I'm surprised I even needed it.  Before I go any further, my mom Shirley is making a good steady recovery and hopes to be released this week for at home rehab in Missoula, MT in my brothers home. We are grateful God has chosen to keep her here with us for a bit longer. While at the hospital my little sister Terri and I stepped out of my mom's room while they were doing some scans and went to the main waiting room on the first floor. You need to know I adore my little sister. She makes me laugh and I can never spend enough time with her. It truly was a gift to spend several days together alone caring for our mom. surprised me. In the midst of a difficult time we sisters continue to find deep love for one another. As we were sitting there chatting I looked up and saw the face of a classmate from high school walking toward me. My heart just jumped and I got up from my chair exclaiming " Tom Allen what in the world are you doing here!" We hugged several times as I let my shocked soul settle a bit! He had read on Facebook about my mom's stroke and knew I was in Great Falls so he drove down to see me...Surprised again by love. Incredible kindness from a long time friend blanketed my fears and concerns for my mother. What kind of love prompts someone to do something so unselfish for someone else!? Ahhhh Tom, You win the award for friend of the year!  Little did I realize several days later I would talk on the phone with another long time childhood friend there in town who filled my heart with faith, hope and love. My dear friend Michelle Pidcock Jezewski understood I didn't have time for social calls this trip to Montana and called me late one evening to provide comfort regarding my mother and her stroke. We spoke for over an hour.  She calls me her forever friend...I still tear up thinking about that. Her loving heart surprised and blessed me beyond what I knew I needed! My mother said numerous times that she didn't realize how loved she was by so many. The many visitors, calls, gifts, flowers and prayers surprised her too! Well I guess it just runs in the family then doesn't it?!