Thursday, August 14, 2014

"We're getting married!"

In less than a month my son Grant will be marrying the most amazing young woman-Taylor. We prayed for this day and for Taylor, even when she was a young girl and we didn't know her. We prayed for her family who was raising her too. This really is a match made in heaven, as they say. I remember telling my son a few years ago that he was a fool if he didn't marry her! So glad I have a smart intelligent son who has chosen well for marriage, even though his mother threatened him!  Just kidding...well kind of.
I remember the day we finally got to meet Taylor's parents for dinner in southern California before a college football game during parents weekend a few years ago. Grant told me that I would just love Taylor's mother and we would be fast friends. Sure... I would son...right? The dinner and conversation was easy, fun and full of laughter. As both children desired we all seemed to get along wonderfully! Later Taylor's mom Dee Dee told me how relieved she was to meet us and that we weren't weird or anything. Haha She also thanked me for raising such a wonderful young man who cherishes her daughter. Tears ran down her face as she looked me in the eye and said that. I'm still emotional when I think back to that day and our first "meet the parents" event. I think I became friends right then. We often joke as parents who is getting the better deal when they got engaged last fall. They are getting a son they love and appreciate in Grant (who loves golf too) and we get a delightful loving daughter with Taylor! A few weeks ago I attended a bridal shower for my future daughter in law and had some lovely quality time with her family. Dee Dee told me she doesn't mind sharing her daughter with us...What a gift for her to say that! She told me how much she loves me. I mean really who has in laws like this!? She kept saying all weekend that "we're getting married". I just cracked up laughing every time she said that. It's true though, our families are getting married. We are joining together what we all prayed for as young parents raising these 2 young-uns years ago. I prayed for a bride that would compliment my son and be strong where he is weak. I wanted her to be fun and pretty too! I wanted him to be crazy in love with her. I prayed she would love us too and be thrilled to be in our family. I prayed her parents were caring and loving God fearing people.  I'd say all my prayers are answered. My heart is full of such love as the special day approaches. My last child is getting married...and John and I will be kicking up our heels in celebration! Yep, "we're getting married"!!!!

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