Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You Just Never Know

It's funny how things sometimes work out...

I have a new friend Bonnie who contacted me about help with her book she's writing. She overheard me telling someone about finally publishing my book "Wet Mittens"  and decided to contact me. (Yep, now that I'm an author I've apparently got skills!---- wellllll, some tiny small  itty bit of knowledge anyhow. haha) I'm so happy to encourage and help a fellow author find her way through this journey of writing and publishing. I found myself  TOTALLY "getting her" when she explained some thoughts and challenges she was facing. I realized that all the time, energy, sweat, tears, discouragement, joys, money & drama I experienced writing my own book was worth it all today as I conversed with my young friend. I've grown up a ton. I've matured in many ways.The refining process sharpened me as a person. I suddenly was quite thankful for the growth (and the completion of my book!) Listening to her it's evident she has so much together already. She's miles ahead and organized far more than I ever was! Her topic is going to be so helpful to many. The excerpt I read was just delightful and on point.She's going to nail it!  I see the same passion I have as a fledgling writer. I tingled with excitement a bit because I know what's ahead for her when she endures this process of writing, creating and reaches the finish line! She told me that she prayed for someone to come along side and help her. Bonnie told me I was an answer to her prayers...gulp. That is just sinking in a bit to me now this afternoon. That is not something I hear everyday. It has humbled me to the center of my soul. Never saw that coming when I agreed to meet. Just linking arms with another woman author and BAM- I'm the one encouraged!
Go Bonnie! Remember it's marathon, not a sprint race and your medal and prize is at the end.
 Yes, It's funny how things sometimes work out in your life...

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