Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Old friends

Remember this song?  "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold".

   I chatted on line with an old friend from high school today. It's just amazing to me that we have found each other after 35 + years of no contact and are enjoying picking up where we left off back then, today. He saw a post I made on a mutual friend's Facebook page several years ago and discovered I was still alive!  We are slowly reconnecting. So sweet to find an old friend isn't it? There is nothing like that feeling.
    He was a polite shy guy back then. He always made me laugh. He had a big huge smile I will never forget. He was so kind. I recall he was tall and skinny.(I'm glad he didn't say he remembered me as short and skinny!) He is now towering at 6'2 and served in our military. He is exactly the kind of guy you want protecting our nation. He had a strong faith in God then and it encouraged me during those turbulent high school years. I will never forget the day in high school when he told me he had a crush on me. I thought he was so brave to admit it and tell me! We were only meant to "just be friends" though, but I probably broke his heart. That part makes me sad.  As we chatted today, I told him he will always be my friend and brother. I never forgot him and often wondered where life took him. Life has taken him on many painful journeys I'm learning. Maybe now it's my turn to be the strong helpful friend he once was to me. My turn to pray for him and tell him how grateful I am to have him in my life again. My turn to be a silver and gold kind of friend.
   Pick up that phone and call an old friend today. It sure did my heart some good.

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