Thursday, May 8, 2014

Closing out a chapter

   We've spent this past week celebrating 2 loved ones finishing college (Yeah Ashley and Sean!) and relaxing at a condo with John's elderly parents. It's been interesting watching various individuals reach the finish line and close out chapters of their lives. My nephew graduated with honors, is starting a new job, has an adorable new girlfriend and is embracing a bright future. He closed out a remarkable college career and is finishing this chapter with much joy and accomplishment. Ashley, (daughter of our best friends) finished her degree in 3 years! Talk about being proud as punch to hug and celebrate her short amazing journey! We were very proud and thrilled to be there to see them receive their diplomas. Sean's mother Robin and I shed a tear of pride too. Years ago I promised to be there when he graduated and I delivered! My dear friend Laurie just could not hold back the tears as I snapped pictures of their ecstatic family. Their arms were wrapped around Ashley with wide grins displayed.. I love graduations. Maybe I just love endings. So many hugs, kisses, smiles, tears and CAMERAS! Parents were just bursting forth in pride for their graduate. You know...I have a great quote I'm quite proud of I'm going to share with you ..."There are no sad parents at college graduation." It's sooooo true. I saw it on the faces of so many parents. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.You can quote me if you'd like... (insert smile icon here)
   John's parents bought a vacation condo in 1980 the year we were married. Now in their 80's.They have decided it's time for them to hang up their condo exchange vacations after 34 years of enjoyment. So we are helping them experience closing out that chapter of their lives this week. Lots of memories of great family gatherings were shared all week. Golf scores from condo adventures long ago had to be bragged about too! It was a different kind of celebration with less fanfare as we ushered out many joys we had as a family during condo week. Chapters closing for our loved ones. It's all a little bitter sweet as I realize this is our last time with them here. Our special times with them will one day run out like it did this week with the condo.  Ahhhhh maybe I don't like endings like I thought I did. I did enjoy all the memories, hugs, tears though! Be sure and cherish those you love every single day.

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