Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Those funny things we say

   Today I told someone "Blessings on your head" for some kind comments she made about my book. I have been saying that for years. This kind reader said that someone she really liked said that a lot. This reader didn't know me, but I bet she reallllllly likes me now since I remind her of that special someone who says that unique phrase!  wink wink
   We have a large number of those funny little phrases in our family. We call them Bridges-isms. Before I was married we called them Marks-isms. "Californicated" is what my Montana brother Ken calls me. Cheap little gifts you pick up are called "gee-jaws" at my house. (That one comes from John's dad who grew up in North Carolina.) My husband calls underwear, "shorts". Shorts are called..."shorts".  I don't know how he keeps the names apart but that is clearly his very own Bridges-ism. (yes, it makes me a bit nutty but I love him and usually check his wardrobe of "shorts" before heading out the door...just in case!)  My older sister used to respond to "have a nice day", by saying, "I always do!". I liked that and still use it. People ask me how I'm doing and I usually answer with the comeback "Dandy!". It almost regularly gets a response and a smile. My family could easily weigh in with dozens of others that make the ism list!  Let me know some of your favorite little isms so I can put it in my arsenal when I head out the door each day.
   Life is certainly not dull at our house. My husband said being married to me is anything but dull. :)

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  1. Yes, you guys are sure FULL of those funny little phrases. They always crack me up! The Reds are not as funny as the Bridges Bunch, but we're full of: nick-names, acronyms(Rob works at the Air Force Academy, for those who don't know, so it's inevitable), excess facts about bicycles and wine, and quotes from various movies!