Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Those funny things we say

   Today I told someone "Blessings on your head" for some kind comments she made about my book. I have been saying that for years. This kind reader said that someone she really liked said that a lot. This reader didn't know me, but I bet she reallllllly likes me now since I remind her of that special someone who says that unique phrase!  wink wink
   We have a large number of those funny little phrases in our family. We call them Bridges-isms. Before I was married we called them Marks-isms. "Californicated" is what my Montana brother Ken calls me. Cheap little gifts you pick up are called "gee-jaws" at my house. (That one comes from John's dad who grew up in North Carolina.) My husband calls underwear, "shorts". Shorts are called..."shorts".  I don't know how he keeps the names apart but that is clearly his very own Bridges-ism. (yes, it makes me a bit nutty but I love him and usually check his wardrobe of "shorts" before heading out the door...just in case!)  My older sister used to respond to "have a nice day", by saying, "I always do!". I liked that and still use it. People ask me how I'm doing and I usually answer with the comeback "Dandy!". It almost regularly gets a response and a smile. My family could easily weigh in with dozens of others that make the ism list!  Let me know some of your favorite little isms so I can put it in my arsenal when I head out the door each day.
   Life is certainly not dull at our house. My husband said being married to me is anything but dull. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Emerald green

   A few years ago my husband John and I were strolling through our favorite local antique mall and I paused at the jewelry counter. I spied a lovely older marquee cut emerald ring in the case. Just a lovely piece with extra emeralds surrounding the main stone. I had broken a similar one several years before and inquired about the ring with the clerk. It was about a month before my 50th birthday so John said why don't you try it on? I told him right then and there that if it fits... then we have to buy it! With a wink he said okay! Wellllllllllll you just know that the ring fit and I'm staring at it right now as I type! Happy birthday to me. So, today I put the ring on again and remembered that it is Earth Day. The "green" emeralds helped me make the connection! They never celebrated Earth Day when I was a kid. Growing up in Montana as a child, EVERYDAY was Earth Day! In my family we were taught not to litter and to pick up litter even if it isn't yours. My sister Cheryl wouldn't even let me spit my sunflower seed shells onto the trail when hiking cause others would see them later who passed by the same trail! She was teaching me to not leave a footprint of any kind!  We had a garden and mulched too. We recycled long before it was the chic and popular thing to do. Ask anyone who came to my house about how we slid the pop cans down the basement banister railing into a box for recycling!  We were "green" back then. Our local paper said the best modeling for children on Earth Day comes from their parents. Our oldest daughter called most plants broccoli bushes when she was little. I always tried to learn and teach them names of plants.  Middle child Whitney cared for the snails in our yard with deep passion. She loved those first radishes we harvested too. Son Grant spent the most time in the garden with me weeding and mowing. He loved the dirt.  I love that all my children have a garden of some size and plant vegetables! I must of passed good conservation thinking along without even knowing I was! As the old Crosby Stills Nash and Young song says...Teach your children well. Recently I started carrying a latex glove in my pocket when we walk our dog in the mornings so I can pick up trash along our gorgeous scenic coast. My husband teased me about it at first but now he's joined in. I believe he knows the latex glove is protecting that lovely emerald  ring he bought me. I'm the one winking at him now!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big day!

Big day for me. I feel kind of numb. I have wondered what this day would feel like. I have logged hours of writing, not writing, re-writing, and endless editing.  My book Wet Mittens was released today on Amazon. My husband hugged me as I choked back the tears when the proof copy arrived in the mail for final edits about 2 weeks ago. He whispered, "Your dad would be proud of you". As I talked to my father during his final week of life, I was so determined to do something remarkable and achieve a goal I didn't think possible. I will never forget his hand reaching for mine as I sat at his bedside and his blue eyes locked mine and said, "Write that book". That vote of confidence is what drove me to finish. Thanks Daddy. I have champagne chilling in the frig and I will toast to you and celebrate!

 You can find 2 links below for the paperback and the Kindle.
Being honest here...I think I've logged on to Amazon about a dozen times just staring at the page listing my book! I keep thinking it's just not real. It's just so cool. I'm putting "author" down on all my forms from now on where they ask you your occupation! Thanks for sharing my joy with me. I hope you enjoy the book.

Lorrie- author.   :)